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Curriculum Vitae

68 years ago, I decided to flee from a vanquished, oppressed homeland (1956 Hungary), from compulsory Russian, from a controlling, critical mother – into the unknown. Sixteen years old, alone, a refugee, 'freedom-fighter' – my life as a Canadian began.

For 55 years now, I’ve practised as a psychologist and psychotherapist, working in Vancouver, Canada. Born in Hungary during WWII (1940), after the defeat of the 1956 revolution, I immigrated all by myself to Canada at the age of 16. I hold an Honours BA in mathematics, physics and chemistry from the University of Toronto, as well as an MA in psychology from the University of Western Ontario. In 1972, I enrolled in the psychology PhD program at SFU, however, due to disagreements with my thesis advisor and committee members, I left SFU in 1976 without completing my thesis. From the beginning of 1979 until the end of 2005 I was a R. Psych. of good standing in the College of Psychologists of British Columbia. January 1, 2006 on, however, I have refused to register in the College, which, I thought, was mismanaged and autocratic. I remain, at present, an Honorary Life Member of the Canadian Psychological Association (C. P. A. Membership No.: 1131).

During 1974/75, I spent a year in London, England, intensively studying and training in the practice of psychotherapy under renowned and controversial Scottish psychiatrist, R.D. Laing. During this year I also studied with Francis Huxley (the anthropology of healing), John Heaton (existential psychotherapy), Hugh Crawford (community therapy), and Leon Redler (spiritual emergency). These relationships became life-long friendships.


I have taught, lectured and lead workshops at SFU, UBC, Emily Carr University and Douglas College. I have also worked extensively overseas, mainly in Hungary. In 1989, I was a guest on a 3-part CBC Ideas radio series entitled R.D. Laing Today. I have also worked as a consultant in both television and film. Most recently (2001 & 2002) I consulted for Showcase's Kink series. Other career highlights include work with the United Nations; founding the Integra Households Association, a non profit charity working with those in extreme mental distress; as well as Third Mind Productions, a film production company that went on to turn out the 1987 film, Did You Used to be R.D. Laing?

Credo, my first book published in English, is now available from Karnac Books --

Psychotherapy Practice

The Ins & Outs of Andrew Feldmár’s Practice (2023/24)

Fees (for new people): The standard fee for a 50-minute session is $250 CAD. The price of the initial consultation (which is usually a double session, i.e., 1 hour & 40 minutes) is based on the standard fee ($500) and is not negotiable. Couples, families need 100 minute sessions or longer. After the initial consultation, if money would be the only obstacle to continuing therapy, the fee might be re-negotiated. Fees can be paid in cash or by check or by INTERAC e-Transfer or by direct (bank-to-bank) money transfer or via PayPal; preferably paid ahead or session-by-session. The same fee applies for supervision, group, couple- or family-therapy.


Time & Place: I will work at my home office:

4024 West 20th Avenue

(near Crown Street, in the 4th block West of Dunbar Street).


If you come in person, the front door will be unlocked when you arrive, don't ring the bell, don't knock, please, come in and wait in the room to the left; I'll come and fetch you. Bathroom is upstairs; please wait to use it just before or after your session upstairs.

If we meet via the internet (Skype, Zoom. etc.), make sure you're connected to a strong and fast WiFi, and that you're in a quiet and private space.

Cancellations: After an appointment is made, unless I get 48 hours notice that you won’t make it, you are responsible for the full fee. If you give me less than 48 hours notice, and I succeed in finding someone to take your appointment, your fee will be waived. The cause of missing an appointment is of no consequence: this policy is not punitive; it is to cushion me from the vicissitudes of your life.

Holidays: Through the year I will take 10–20 of the 52 weeks off. I will give as much prior notice as I can before each stretch of time off. 

In 2024 the following dates are planned: April 6 -- 14

                                                                  June 15 -- 30

                                                                  August 3 -- 25

                                                                  September 14 -- 29

                                                                  October 26 -- November 10

                                                                  December 14 -- January 5


For further information, consult:

English Wikipedia page

Hungarian Wikipedia page

Facebook - Feldmár Intézet

Instagram - Feldmár Intézet


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